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We are dedicated to bringing you the best quality food and service. ASU Dining offers students much more than just freshly prepared meals and snacks, it gives every diner an experience.

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Campus dining is a large part of your college experience. Our goal is to make your dining experience the best it can be by providing good, nutritious food in a relaxed atmosphere. We also strive hard to deliver superior service each day. So come and join us and enjoy the comfort, convenience and inviting atmosphere that we have to offer!

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Sustainable Foods: Milk served on campus is from Bedsole Milk Company of Dothan, AL and is hormone free Nutrition information displayed in dining hall for all menu items Waste Stream Management: Trayless dining - this saves approximately 1/3 to ½ gallon of water per tray and reduces food waste by almost 2 oz per person Divert 100% of our fryer oil waste from the landfill; fryer oil collected by Darling Industries Bulk dispenser condiments saves packaging materials and reduces food waste Recycling cardboard at The Café Residential Dining Energy & Water Conservation: We encourage our employees to reduce our energy consumption with conservation signage in the back of house kitchen areas Responsible Purchasing: Use Green Seal certified cleaning products in Albany State University dining operations Purchase 100% recycled content napkins for use in locations.